Since I am so excited for spring, I want to talk about spring tops in this post.  Leading us off is the one from Nordstrom ($79) I have on above.  Below are some of my favorite tops for spring that are very on trend.  I love the first one below from Nordstrom ($49).  The styling is on point with the off shoulder  ruffled sleeve and the keyhole neckline.  It will be a staple in my wardrobe for the upcoming seasons.


Below is a denim ruched off shoulder top from Nordstrom ($89).  Denim is a spring and summer staple especially when paired with white jeans.


This cold shoulder top is from Revolve ($70).  I chose this because blush is the hot color of the season and I love the silhouette and tassels.


The next top is from Nordstrom ($78).  I love the print and the shape of the sleeves almost gives it an appearance of a cape.


This off shoulder puff sleeve top is from Forever 21 ($28).  It is so cute and I love this fresh new look.


The next top you need now is from Moon River ($70).  I love the pretty feminine print and style.


Next up is a black off shoulder top from ASOS ($25).  I think the straps on the shoulder and the split sleeves make this top very cool.


Lastly from Forever 21 ($35) is a white off the shoulder top.  This will look great with denim shorts and I love the tassels.


I am really loving these fun new styles for spring and summer.  I think they are flattering and wearable. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up to rock some of these new looks.  XOXO Michelle


I’ve been obsessed with fashion and beauty since I was a little girl. I have always loved to help my friends shop and to give them beauty tips. I am so excited to have this platform to share my love for fashion and beauty with more people. I hope you enjoy this and get some great information at the same time. XOXO Michelle


  1. Very cute. Can’t wait for some warm weather to head out on the town in some hot new ensembles.

  2. I love your blog. You have great taste and the prices are good . I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  3. Love your selections! These tops are so fresh and feminine! Gotta get some! Jean

  4. I love showing off my shoulders, but I’m not sure any of these would be appropriate for my work. Would you say this is more of a trend for casual wear?

  5. So many great tops for spring! I especially love the off-the-shoulder Nordstrom top that looks like a cape!

  6. Great tops for spring!!! I m slowing getting into the off-the-shoulder tops so this is definitely helpful!!! Thanks for posting!!!

  7. Such cute selections! Thanks for curating this list. I have to say, I love tops with the extra straps on the shoulders, off-the-shoulders tops can be a little uncomfortable if worn for a long day..

  8. Ahh spring, warm weather and showing some skin! 🙂 I’m loving that blush top from Revolve. Not sure the colour would suit me, even though I love it, but I really like the style of it.

  9. I love the off the shoulder look! Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous styles. I can’t wait for summer!

  10. Love all of them. The black one from ASOS added to my cart 🛒 because it is my favorite 👍

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