As I talked about in my previous post, last Saturday I attended the Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show.  One of the speakers that really interested me was Katherine, the regional trainer for Trish McEvoy.  She was talking about the Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift.  I have puffiness, dark circles, and the beginning of fine lines around my eyes.  This product really caught the attention of my old looking eyes.

When the show was done we all had the opportunity to try out the products that interested us.  I made a beeline for the Trish McEvoy counter to get my hands on the Instant Eye Lift.  I was lucky enough that Katherine, the regional trainer, was available to help me and help me she did.

She first introduced me to Trish McEvoy’s “Beauty Booster” Eye Serum ($99).  This stuff instantly reduced my puffiness, dark circles, and the new fine lines.


She then added the Trish McEvoy “Beauty Booster” Advance Repair Retinol Eye Cream ($126).  This has the highest non-prescription concentration of retinol along with reservatrol and hyaluronic acid.  I have already noticed a reduction in those pesky new fine lines.


For the finishing eye touch Katherine applied the Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift ($39).


She applied it like an upside down triangle using this amazing brush (Trish McEvoy Deluxe Blender Brush $60) that I just had to have.


I have used literally almost every concealer on the market and the Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift is by far my favorite.  My new routine of the Trish McEvoy Eye Serum, Retinol Eye Cream, and Instant Eye Lift has totally transformed my eyes.

There are a lot of other Trish McEvoy products I want to go back and try.  Some of these include:

I’m really impressed with Trish McEvoy’s products.  I’ve learned that all of her products are paraben and cruelty free.  She is an independent business woman and she herself oversees all of her company’s operations.

Thank you Katherine for all of your help last Saturday.  It was so much fun!  XOXO Michelle



I've been obsessed with fashion and beauty since I was a little girl. I have always loved to help my friends shop and to give them beauty tips. I am so excited to have this platform to share my love for fashion and beauty with more people. I hope you enjoy this and get some great information at the same time. XOXO Michelle


  1. Wow you look great! Looks like the eye serum did its work – that’s definitely a product that is worth looking into!

  2. That sounds like such a fun event! It’s always good to get to try different products before you purchase them.

  3. This looks like it was an amazing time! As I get older I keep meaning to get out and get some skin care products before I look like an old hag (lol). Will definitely check these out!

  4. Oh this is such a nice experience! Another product to check-out. You look fabulous, the outcome is really good. I think I need to consider buying the concealer too.

  5. Looks like you had an amazing time! I have started to try some skin care products to keep me looking younger, I never thought about getting old until I started reading about how sleeping wrong can leave wrinkles! YUCK! I certainly don’t want those, at least not now! . I may have to go here and see what I may like 🙂

  6. Looks like you had a lot of fun and found some new products… They sound wonderful and you look
    amazing! Thanks for sharing, Terri

  7. I really want to get my hands on that eye cream. It lools like it’ll work wonders!

  8. I have puffy eyes .Have only tried natural stuff for it.These beauty products look great .Wil try them out.

  9. These look great. I still need a solution for the circles under my eyes. I have 2 of those brown thingies on the lids of one of my eyes too.

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