Trying on shorts and bathing suits has made me come to the realization that I need to hit the gym ASAP.  Nowadays you can go to and from the gym in style.  Here are some of my favorite workout gear finds.  They actually make me want to go to the gym so they must be cute.

Gap Fit ($60) – these leggings are so cool and I would wear them outside the gym too



Gap Fit ($30) – I love how this tank is open in the back to show off a colorful sports bra


Athleta ($49) – a strappy sports bra that would look great with the open back top above.  This also comes in bright colors.


Nordstrom ($129) – this Zella jacket is reversible and will look as good on the streets as it does at the gym


Nordstrom ($99) – backpacks are very on trend right now and once again can be worn in and out of the gym


Nordstrom ($19) – you need this after your workout when your hair is a hot mess


Some more great finds:

Nordstrom ($45)


Nordstrom ($45)


Nordstrom ($49)


Nordstrom ($65)

I’ll see you at the gym.  I’ll be the one in the cute outfit sitting at the cafe’ drinking my smoothie and watching the others work out.  XOXO Michelle



I’ve been obsessed with fashion and beauty since I was a little girl. I have always loved to help my friends shop and to give them beauty tips. I am so excited to have this platform to share my love for fashion and beauty with more people. I hope you enjoy this and get some great information at the same time. XOXO Michelle


  1. Wow this gym clothes are awesome, I always look good when I go to gym, I always make sure that I have the best gear on, I find it motivates me somehow lol.

  2. I’m inspired by all of these outfits! I love leggings that have cut outs like these so maybe I need to plan a trip to the mall!

  3. Gym clothing is certainly becoming a a trend in an out of the gym. I especially love the new funky cut-
    out designs. It gives gym clothes a personality!

  4. These are some great choices. I’m usually in sweat pants and a basic t-shirt. I really don’t care how I look when I work out because I’m too busy trying to ward off the pain. I hate working out.

  5. Perfect chic style.. loved it , as I wear very simple tee – pants & never thought to be stylish out there!

  6. I train twice a day and I agree, a cute outfit can really motivate you to hit the gym and make the extra effort. I love the hat with the mesh panel! So unique!

  7. danasia fantastic Reply

    Gapfit makes the most comfortable gym clothes! I got a pair of tights there the other day, and they fit great.

  8. I am loving all of these gym outfits it’s true these days even the gym is an opportunity for stylish outfits

  9. With cute cloth like this I would definitely be motivated to hit the gym! Didn’t know Gap had a sport section. Must check it out.

  10. I actually goto the gym and work out a lot but at the same time I always like to have the cute outfits on. I mostly by Nike fitness stuff.

  11. Love the style! I’m always more motivated when I have a cute outfit on.

  12. The Gap fit leggings at the top are definitely my favorites! I’ll have to check them out and try to catch them on sale. Cute workout gear makes it so much easier to want to work out!

  13. Stephanie Lee Reply

    Very good display of gym clothes this season. Very good pricing. I like what you have for the girl of 2017 who works out to look good and feel good. You have added to feel good about yourself.

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