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Fun New Spring Accessories

Accessories can take your look to the next level.  This spring there are many fun options to do that.

STATEMENT EARRINGS – these are a must have this spring.  They look great with off the shoulder tops.

BaubleBar ($34)


ANKLETS – a great option with shorts or rompers.

Express ($23 – now on sale for $14)

These earrings from BaubleBar ($32) would look cute with the above anklet.


NECK SCARVES – these look so cute worn with a light weight sweater or worn as a choker.  I found a couple good options at Banana Republic.  The first one is $38 and the second one is $32.  I also put below a couple examples of how to wear both looks.




WRAP BELTS – not only are they fashionable but they also are figure flattering by defining your waist.  A win win in my book.  The first one below is from Nordstrom ($29) and I have also included an example of how to wear these.


There are so many great accessories to choose from this season.  I hope they inspire you to have fun with fashion this spring.  XOXO Michelle



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  1. I am so happy the neck scarfs are back❤️ And BaubleBar statement earrings are my favorite for this spring. Good findings Michelle

  2. Love these accessories and love how you showed ways to wear them. I love the wrap belt and the scarf as a choker. Nice list!

  3. Spring is about being fun and quirky in fashion and i love it! Am inspired to shared my spring DIY soon!

  4. I love the neck scarf and I really like the ways you showed how people can wear them. Time for me to go shopping for them.

  5. Just to take a moment to give you a compliment on your Spring Accessory blog.
    I was interested on your scarves. They look great and yet so affordable. This type of internet exposure is so great for the woman who has limited time to investigate the current trends and yet need some help to achieve our current wardrobe. Thank You

  6. I can’t believe the neck scarves are coming back so hard – I worked at the GAP in high school in the 90’s & they were huge then – I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because so many 90’s looks are already back

  7. Really like the neck scarves. I actually bought one last fall and I haven’t worn it much because I’m unsure of how exactly to wear it or what to wear it with. I like the sweater/scarf combo though!

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