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2017 Sunglass Trends

There’s several new styles of “sunnies” at the stores this season.  They are fun but since they are trendy I wouldn’t invest a lot of money in them.  Due to this, I have found some budget friendly options for you.

ROUND SUNGLASSES – these are most flattering on women with sharp, angular features with square or oblong shaped faces.  The round shape softens and balances your facial features.

ASOS ($16)


ASOS ($22) – I had to order these myself


COLORED LENSES – a big trend for spring/summer 2017.  They are a lot of fun but less versatile than traditional lenses so don’t invest a lot of money in them.  To make colored lenses a little more versatile you may want to stick with ones that have black rims.  I also think the black rims with the colored lenses is a very chic look.

Nordstrom ($24)


ASOS ($22)


CAT EYE SUNGLASSES – especially flattering on women who have pointy chins.  Women with heart and diamond shaped faces will get the most out of cat-eye sunglasses but they will also suit any face shape.

Nordstrom ($98)


ASOS ($19)


HAVANA SUNGLASSES  – another name for the classic tortoise shell pattern.  It’s a marbled effect, usually of two colors, but it can be more complex as in the case of the pink ones from Banana Republic below.

Nordstrom ($24)


Banana Republic ($98)


All of these sunglasses are so fun and at these prices you do not have to pick just one.  XOXO Michelle



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  1. I’m definitely a fan of the cat I and aviator sunglasses. I ordered myself to pair for the summer I can’t wait for them to arrive. I cannot get enough of sunglasses I have to check out the ones you shared.

  2. I am a sunglass fanatic, really digging the first ASOS that you put, really cool lens. Thanks for the inspo!

  3. Love these options and how you mix low end with high end brands, cause lets be honest who hasn’t lost at least a pair of glasses every summer! 🙂

  4. I love all of these! I often find that the ones that I like don’t always work on my face. I have a pair of Ray-Bans that I have had for years. Silly me, I bought them with glass lenses. They are a bit heavy after wearing them for awhile. Oh well, at least they will last a long time.

  5. These all look so cute, but how do I find the right sunglasses for my face shape? I don’t think that all of these would look good on me. My other struggle is finding sunglasses that don’t squeeze and give me a headache.

  6. I love these. They are all so new and fresh. Thank you for showing that you don’t have to pay over $200 for a pair of sunglasses.

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