Fresh Florals

Florals are one of the biggest trends of the season.  A lot of us either don’t like florals or are scared to wear them.  In this post I am going to give you examples of how to wear the trend without it wearing you.


Loft Blazer ($128) – this blazer is a great way to wear the floral trend.  It can be worn casually as shown or dressed up for work.


Loft Shorts ($50) – I went to Loft this week and loved their new spring collection.  I tried on the above shorts and the below top and loved this look.


Loft Top ($55)


Loft Scarf ($20) – a floral scarf is a great way to be on trend and add some interest to your outfit.  This one is pink so you’ll be working the pink trend as well.  You can also wear these scarves around your wrist or as a choker.  I think wearing these scarves with a simple t-shirt is so chic.


ASOS Top ($61) – this top with the below pants is such a beautiful outfit and so on trend with the floral top and the blush pants.


Old Navy Pants ($35 normal price – 40% off right now)


ASOS Shoes ($43) – I love these shoes.  They definitely have a Gucci vibe and would look amazing with a t-shirt and jeans.

These are some great ideas of how to wear florals in a more unexpected and chic way.  I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the warmer weather by wearing something floral.  XOXO Michelle






2017 Fashion Trends – Part 3

I hope everyone is surviving the crazy weather this week.  I’m looking forward to spring and the new clothes that go along with it (I’m always looking forward to new clothes!).  This week we are going to talk about the last of the 2017 fashion trends I found during my research.  These are: frayed jeans, florals, bomber jackets, and rocker tees.

FRAYED JEANS – the best jeans to wear right now are ones with a frayed hem.  Some good examples I found in a variety of price ranges are shown below.

Old Navy Rockstar $30


American Eagle $60


Kut from the Kloth $89


Paige Hoxton High Rise $239


Articles of Society $41


FLORALS – these are always big in the spring but will be especially so this year.  Everyone should add something flowered to their wardrobe.  I have included some good options below.

Astr Off Shoulder Top $78


ASOS Wrap Top $49


Topshop Wrap Blouse $65


1 State Off the Shoulder Dress $119


1 State Off the Shoulder Top $89


BOMBER JACKETS – these are going to be huge this spring.  You’ll look cool waiting for the weather to heat up.  Below are some ways to stay warm this spring.

Puma Jacket $151


Chelsea 28 Bomber Jacket $99


Miss Selfridge Bomber Jacket $147


Mural Bomber Jacket $74


Mural Bomber Jacket $84


ROCKER TEES – these look great under a cardigan or blazer.  Here are two examples of how to wear them:



If you need a rocker tee you don’t even have to go to a concert to get one.  I have located the below online for you.

Def Leppard Tee $27


KISS Tee $36


Aerosmith Tee $42


Blondie Tank $42

I know it was a lot as I had to break them into 3 posts but I hope you liked my 2017 fashion trends.  I hope you all have a good week and I will talk to everyone next week with more great fashion information.  XOXO Michelle


2017 Fashion Trends – Part 2

I hope everyone’s new year is going well.  I’d like to give you an update from last week’s post.  I just received the Nordstrom Lush top, Nordstrom Bobeau top and both pairs of the ASOS mules.  I love them!  The tops fit tts and are very flattering.  The shoes look more expensive than they are and are very comfortable.  Everything that I feature on my blogs are things that I would wear and, unfortunately for my husband, I own a lot of them myself.

So let’s continue this week with the 2017 fashion trends.  This week we will feature sneakers, bell sleeves, and slogan tees.


Sneakers are probably the most important thing you can buy right now.  They make your outfit look cooler and more on trend.  I have included some of my favorites here.

Adidas Superstar $80


Vans slip-on $60


Nike TR 6 $100


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lux $60


Adidas Originals Black Metallic $110


Adidas Originals Gray Metallic $110



Bell sleeves make any top or sweater special.  Many of these come in pink which is the in color.  Some nice options are here.

Nordstrom Topshop Ella Top $65


Nordstrom Sun & Shadow Lace Top $59


Nordstrom Chelsea28 Ruffle Edge Blouse $79


Nordstrom Chloe & Katie Cross Front Dress $35


Nordstrom Vince Camuto Sweater $45



These are really hot right now and can be worn under a blazer or cardigan.  Although my husband thinks these are overpriced for tee shirts, I told him you can’t put a price on a positive message.  Here are some good options I found.

ASOS Slay Tee $19


Nordstrom Sincerely Jules Celfie Tee $49


Nordstrom Grateful Tee $65


Nordstrom Good Vibes Sweatshirt $58 


I have found so much great stuff in researching new trends so stay tuned for part 3 of my 2017 fashion trends next week.  XOXO  Michelle



2017 Fashion Trends – Part 1

Happy 2017 !!!  With the new year comes new fashion trends.  I’ve watched the spring fashion shows and read all the articles on the 2017 fashion trends.  There are a lot of differing opinions but there are some trends that everyone agrees on.  These are: stripes, cut outs or open shoulders, mules, slogan tops, bell sleeves, rocker tees, florals, pink, athleisure, and sneakers.

In this post we will be focusing on stripes, cut outs, and mules.  Here are some of my favorites.


Nordstrom top $39


ASOS culottes $53


ASOS jumpsuit $98 



LNA sweater $121


Nordstrom Trouve top $69


Express dress $50 


Nordstrom Lush top $45


Nordstrom Bobeau top $42



ASOS mules $53


ASOS mules $53 
Nordstrom Calvin Klein mules $139


Check back next week when I’ll show you the best picks for sneakers, slogan tees and bell sleeves.  I hope you have a great 2017 and follow my blog as I have a lot of great ideas up my bell sleeve.  XOXO Michelle